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Ethiopia Guji Deri Kochoha
Magnolia, hibiscus tea, passion fruit
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Roasts and ships on Monday, July 31st

Roasts and ships on Monday, July 31st

About This Coffee

Great washed coffees from Ethiopia are united by florality, fresh fruit flavors, and clean citrus. But the best ones, like Deri Kochoha, strike a balance of the attributes that makes just one sip unforgettable. Grown by 600 farmers in the Guji region and harvested just a few months ago, this exceedingly fresh coffee is our first washed Ethiopia of the season. We’ve carried it for three years, and after each encounter, we inevitably scribble down words like “exquisite” or “unbelievable,” followed by futile attempts to give beauty a numerical score.


This year’s first coffee from Ethiopia, Deri Kochoha, is unprecedented in its freshness and vitality. Harvested in February and in our roastery by May, it has the fresh fruit flavors, florality, and clean citrus common to Ethiopia’s great washed coffees. The harmonious balance of these attributes makes one sip unforgettable. Deri Kochoha is a small washing station with 600 farmers contributing heirloom cherry. Its location in the Guji region is on the cusp of the better known Sidama region, but this coffee’s juicy red fruit and candy-like sweetness are qualities consistent with the finest profiles coming out of Guji. For its sheer pleasure, we’ve carried Deri Kochoha for three years. With every encounter, we inevitably scribble down words like “exquisite” or “unbelievable,” followed by futile attempts to give beauty a numerical score.

  • Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
  • Each bag of Ethiopia Guji Deri Kochoha whole beans is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting from our Oakland roastery.
  • A cupping spoon and a soapstone hippo are two things our Green Coffee Buyer, Charlie, takes with him when he's sourcing our coffees.
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